Build your own crypto wallet in 2 weeks

We build crypto wallet solutions supporting BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens, LTC, and most importantly, your coin.

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Why clients choose J Labs

We are specialists in building white-label crypto wallets for iOS and Android


Code is based on Trust Wallet Core, which is used in many products such as Binance's Trust Wallet.

Experienced team

We have extensive commercial development experience and are contributors to Trust Wallet Core.

Cross platform

Our wallets easly integrate into existing web frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

Multiple coin support

Out-of-the box support for bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and ERC20 tokens. We constantly add new coins to our wallet.


Our approach optimises time, effort and cost. Maintain just one code base for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

You own the source code

You get full rights for modifying the app or creating derivative software based on its code.

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Learn how J Labs has helped these businesses

We built an iOS crypto wallet for Limitlex, an European digital assets exchange within four weeks. Implemented features include create wallet, export mnemonic seed, generate bitcoin addresses and sign bitcoin transactions.

Here at Hut34, we try to move quickly, building proof of concepts for various uses, and sometimes we need a little help. Peanut Butter labs got straight to the heart of the challenging technical issues we needed to address to allow our users to quickly, easily and securely manage their wallets within our application. Jan and the J Labs team are diligent, technically expert, and deliver exactly what they say they’re going to, on time. These are important and all too rare qualities to find when considering extending your tech team to contractors.

A great technical team with the proven ability to deliver cross platform wallet tech on time and on budget - highly recommended.

Peter Godbolt

Meet the Team

We are passionate about crypto and delivering for clients.

Johnny Jiang
Jan Hochbrueckner